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Wooden Blanket / Towel Ladder

Wooden Blanket / Towel Ladder

Product Code: FM0046
Availability: In stock

Product Dimension:

L574 x W44 x H1600 MM

RM 109.00
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Product Description



What is the better way to organize those baby towels and blankets? Get those blankets off the floor and out of the closets and show them off on our wooden ladder. Takes up a very little space and beautiful piece to add to your space.

Our wooden ladder is made with full solid rubber wood, stained and waxed to a smooth finish. With 5 rails it is big enough to hold the largest baby bath towels and still show off the beauty of the wood grain in the surrounding frame and the shelf at the top: not only functional but adding an unexpected elegance to your babyroom / bathroom.


•Made from Malaysia solid rubber wood

•Comes in natural finish for safety and ease of cleaning .

•Trigonometry special angles designed to ensure that the ladder is stable on any surface.

•Non-slip rubbers are included for the feet

•Easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.

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